Sunday, January 12, 2014

A day to be thankful

During the past week I have wondered about the low number of comments to articles I've posted here. My thoughts included, is it difficult to post here? Are commenters not able to navigate the choices available for getting comments published? Are many readers employed by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department and afraid to comment?

Or maybe no one reads anything here.

Someone asked me if I wrote because I hoped people would read it or because I enjoyed writing. It's the latter. While I'm pleased to know that there are readers (1,158,833 page-views (not unique visitors) since January 3, 2009, which was almost 21 months after the first article here), I write because I enjoy writing.

But today I'm smiling and rather happy about the absence of any comments from Fukoku Kyohei, who has written so prolifically on Cal Skinner's blog, McHenry County Blog.

This morning Cal published a Complaint filed in Federal Court by Lou Bianchi against Fukoku. The Complaint is filed by Lou personally, not in his official capacity as McHenry County State's Attorney. His attorney is Charles E. Mudd, Jr., of Chicago. Lou appears to be footing the bill personally on this, rather than sticking it to the taxpayers. Thanks, Lou.

It's about time he (or someone) went after Fukoku.

There could still be some people dumb enough to think that hiding behind a false name is good enough protection from exposure. I have little doubt that Fukoku will be exposed through investigation of email addresses, computer IP addresses and other investigative techniques.

An interesting point raised early in the Complaint is on Page 1 under Parties: "4. Upon information and belief, the Defendant is a citizen of Japan."

Cal expects to be directed not to destroy any of the comments. (Not that he would...)

I'm happy to write that I have never received any comments from Fukoku. So, Fukoku, thanks to you, whoever you are, for staying away from The Woodstock Advocate.

Be sure to go to McHenry County Blog and read this Complaint.

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