Sunday, January 12, 2014

Beth Bentley - gone 190 weeks

She has been missing for 190 weeks. Beth Bentley, then 41, vanished on or about May 23, 2010. Or maybe on May 22. Or May 21. Or May 20.

Maybe from Centralia, Ill. Maybe from Mt. Vernon, Ill. Maybe from Woodstock, Ill. Or somewhere else...

What proof is there that she left Woodstock on May 20? Did two young men see her on May 21? Did they go for a boat ride on May 22? What was going on on Sunday morning? Why were there so many telephone calls at a time when a reasonable person might have thought all four were in the same place?

The original Facebook page about Beth's being missing had, at one time, over 7,000 followers. Then someone's nose got bent out of shape, and the numbers starting dropping fast when people were cut out of the page. Many photos that might have provided leads disappeared from Facebook pages. The "Missing Beth Bentley..." was later broadened to "Bring Them All Home" and now has 2,894 "members".

A comment in December by a page administrator reads, "Missing Beth Bentley A big part of the reason is that Beth's husband, Scott, refuses to be any part of this anymore. Beth's father died last April, her Mother died many years before. He sons are young...they do what they can be when you have a cold case it is hard to get the media interested. They want new information

It is not too late for those who are seriously interested in finding Beth to come together in a private (meaning, non law-enforcement) effort to find her. A "story board" could be created with everything known about everyone who could be even remotely connected to Beth. In other words, you write thoughts, ideas, suspicions, facts on 3x5 cards and put them up on a wall. Then you start drawing lines to connect them.

Everybody connected goes on the wall. Everybody. Except one. Some readers know who is the one I'd say wouldn't go on the wall, and why.

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