Sunday, September 15, 2013

Who polices the police?

A reader recently suggested an article after forwarding this story about police brutality in Florida.

Don't miss this part of the article: "a 12-month study by Cambridge University researchers revealed that when the city of Rialto, California, required its cops to wear cameras, the number of complaints filed against officers fell by 88 percent and the use of force by officers dropped by almost 60 percent. Watched cops are polite cops."

And don't forget the recent case of Mr. and Mrs. Jerome Pavlin, formerly of McHenry County (near Crystal Lake). They were injured, when deputies went to their home to arrest their adult son. The wording in one deputy's statement was that he "assisted" Mr. Pavlin (age 80) to the ground with an arm bar. Mrs. Pavlin described it as the deputy's body-slamming her husband to the hardwood floor.

The deputies had already arrested the younger Pavlin and should have left the residence. Instead, they refused to leave and wanted to search the senior Pavlin's home. The Pavlins asked them to leave. The Pavlins even called the Crystal Lake Police for help, which was refused.

After the son was arrested, the deputies had no legal right to remain in the Pavlin's home. A court later decided that even their entry was unlawful!!!

Rumor has it that the action of the deputy cost the County $250,000. The Pavlins moved out-of-state because they feared the deputies might come back.

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