Sunday, September 15, 2013

Beth Bentley- now missing 173 weeks

How many more weeks will Beth Bentley be "missing"?

On the week-end of May 20-23, 2010, Beth Bentley vanished. Her friend, traveling companion and co-worker, Jennifer Wyatt, says that she dropped Beth off near the Amtrak Station in Centralia, Ill. on Sunday, May 23, and that they were to meet up in northern Illinois and return together to Woodstock on Monday, May 24.

There are many unanswered questions, if that's true?

What was Beth going to do after Jenn dropped her off about 6:00PM that Sunday?
How was Beth going to get back to northern Illinois?
Did Beth know that Jenn did not have a valid driver's license?
Why did Beth leave the rental car with Jenn?
What route did Jenn take to return to Woodstock from Mt. Vernon, Ill.?
What time did Jenn plan to meet Beth on Monday, and where?
When did Jenn first become concerned that Beth might not meet her?

Why doesn't the record of cell phone activity on Jenn's phone support a frantic effort to contact Beth?

Why wasn't Beth reported missing to the Woodstock Police Department until almost 11:00PM on Monday, May 24, 2010?

Why hasn't Beth's disappearance ever been classified as something other than Missing Person?

What does "Endangered Missing Person" really mean in the records of the Woodstock Police Department? In what way was Beth considered "endangered"?

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carla said...

I'm with a theory Jennifer wanted Beth along to patch things up with the boyfriend, if it's true he lived with Jennifer and was moving out. Maybe knowing it was almost time to leave, things turned bad and Beth was in the middle.