Sunday, September 29, 2013

Do you buy U.S.-made?

Well, do you? Or do you buy the cheapest? Cheapest-made or lowest-price?

I read something in Reader's Digest back in the 1970s and cut it out and saved it. I saved it for years, and then it got away from me. It was a short, very short piece that spoke about just this. It referred to Americans' wanting "the best value", "the most for their money" and, at the same time, it referred to what the cost was going to be in jobs. There was a specific reference to telephone services through AT&T.

Forty years later, look where we are.

Let's start paying attention, every time we buy, to just where the product was made. Was it actually manufactured in the U.S.A.? Look on the packaging. Read the fine print.

Buy 5% more American-made products. And, as the presenter says, share the video with at least two people.

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