Thursday, September 5, 2013

Way to Go...

This is the way to go.

Nebraska and Colorado drivers (and Iowa drivers) are considerably better drivers than those found in Illinois.

They are courteous, don't tailgate, don't cut back in quickly after passing, don't speed, don't speed in Work Zones, and they regularly change lanes at interstate ramps to allow drivers to enter. What a difference!

The Nebraska Department of Transportation uses common sense in its Work Zones by not unreasonably lowering the speed limit when no construction is near the highway. In many Work Zones the traffic was reduced to one lane, but that lane could travel at 65 (or even 75) MPH. Fines for speeding are doubled in Work Zones but, by maintaining a reasonable, safe and high speed limit, drivers don't speed.

Now consider the Illinois Tollway and its 39-mile Work Zone, where the 45MPH speed limit is in effect 24/7/365, whether workers are present or not. The driving public just thumbs its collective nose at IDOT and ISP and goes ahead and speeds.

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