Monday, September 16, 2013

Know about this Illinois War Memorial?

Watch this YouTube video about the Middle East Conflicts Wall Memorial created by a private company in Marseilles, Illinois, a small town of 5,100 located east of Starved Rock State Park. It's south of I-80, between Ottawa and Morris - about 76 miles from Woodstock.

Mark your calendars for the third week in June 2014 and consider going there for the annual memorial services. Illinois Valley Cellular is the company behind this Wall.

Thanks to the friend and reader who informed me today about this.


bill Matteson said...

Gus I can't say enough about the mid east memorial.. have pictures and DVD's I am proud to say that I was a staff member in helping promote the wall... in 2005 was memorable because my oldest son was home from Afghanistan ...Picture this..30,000 bikers, standing to attention .. young lad plays Taps..Gus, there was not a dry eye on the grounds..I can't even write about it with out getting emotional...check out their web page Illinois freedom run.then check out "Faces of Valor"

Gus said...

Thanks, Bill.

For the Memorial Wall, visit this website:

Also, see the Faces of Valor at

For information about the motorcycle run, go here: