Saturday, September 7, 2013

How privileges work at MCSD

Deputies at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department are all riled up about a situation that occurred in the parking lot in front of the McHenry County Jail last week. Well, let's say that many deputies are riled up, and they know that they'd better keep their mouths shut.

A deputy showed up at the Jail to work out in the gym at the jail. He drove to the front (west) parking lot and parked in a spot normally used by the public. When a Corrections supervisor went to see what that car was parked there, he spied a badge and gun in plain sight in the vehicle.

Since Crystal Lake just experienced some smash-and-grab thefts from autos and the public was reminded to place valuables out-of-sight, deputies are wondering if squad cars and badges and firearms are off-limits to miscreants.

What happened after that is unclear. The "good" deputies believe that the careless deputy violated General Orders and should be disciplined. However, the errant deputy is on the A-Team at MCSD (i.e., in the in-crowd), and it has appeared so far that no action is going to be taken against him.

Where is the leadership in the Sheriff's Department of McHenry County? Why are deputies treated fairly and equally, in terms of infractions?

What would have happened, had a civilian left a firearm, loaded or unloaded, in plain view in the passenger compartment of his vehicle? On government property?


Ms.Hillary said...

Welcome to my world Gus. You are either for us or you are against us, US being U/S. (Undersheriff) I am so sick and tired of the double standards. Sharpen your blades and see who can get the most points for digging up dirt on a fellow deputy’s and back stabbing. This place is worse than ever!

The hits just keep coming. If you are a part time clerk just “go out” with the boss ( ah..hummm) and presto the oceans part for you. Qualifications, they have nothing to do with JOB qualifications.

Work the 'intel unit" and OT is never questioned. Miller lets you do anything, anytime and no rules apply to you. Miller applies rules according to his buddies wants and what they think not the overall good. Hey you Lt’s and commanders…how many have been dangled the Undersheriff position? What a bunch of stooges. Zinke plays them like marionettes. By the way, does Miller still have a uniform?

The Sheriff and Undersheriff seem to think we all work for them personally. I am an employee of MCHENRY COUNTY and no where on my check do I see a word about the Sheriff's Department, Nygren or Zinke. My W-2 says McHenry County. Just because I think you are a rotten unethical boss doesn’t make me a bad county employee.

I'm sure you'll have the Intel unit trying to ID me. Am I on afternoons, mids or off today. Maybe I'm on comp, vacation or a personal day. So many options.

Watch out Gus, Zinke will have his SWAT/MARV busting down your door for computer records.

November 2014 can’t come fast enough!

Anonymous said...

Probably just a bad rumor but it's going around the Courthouse, probably because Andy's gotten so fat, that he ate Nygren.
I doubt it but it would explain why no-one's seen Keith lately....

Curious1 said...

Of course does anyone actually factually know if the Deputy was documented or disciplined? I know there has been disagreement on this lately, but a responsible department would not/can not publicize personnel documents or rulings.