Saturday, September 28, 2013

THIS will stop shootings in Chicago!

I'm not sure why, but every day I check the Chicago Tribune for news of recent shootings. And every day I am not disappointed. Except I am outraged!

One of the headlines this morning? "9 wounded in overnight shootings across Chicago" In the story: "Someone inside a dark car fired shots toward a group standing on a sidewalk, hitting the four."

What will stop these shootings? The cops can't be everywhere. Cleaning up the mess later by looking at street surveillance videos is not good enough.

Here's what will stop the shootings... when the punks have to be afraid that people on the street on going to start shooting back!

What if the shooter in the "dark car" had to worry that, by the time the car got to the end of the block, people on both sidewalks would be pumping lead into the car?

It would take about 48 hours for word to spread around Chicago that drive-by shootings are unhealthy for the shooters!

The People of Chicago can thank their Democrat state legislators (Representatives and Senators), their Aldermen, and their Mayor and Police Chief for the continued shootings. They can thank Rep. Ann Williams and Rahm Emanuel and Garry McCarthy and many others. Maybe there ought to be a rolling Wall of Shame on a truck driving around Chicago with these names and their pictures on it. They blocked concealed carry for a long time, and they are still dragging their heels. Illinois and Chicago should have not only concealed carry, but also have open carry.

Didn't McCarthy say his officers will shoot any citizen who turns around with a gun? What if it's a law-abiding citizen who just shot a vicious criminal? Yes, officers must be cautious and careful. But McCarthy had better train and direct his officers properly!

Chicago has become America's War Zone. Where's Obama? He's got his nose stuck in the air and is looking at Syria, when he ought to be paying attention right here at home.

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Big Daddy said...

I do very,very much like your idea of a large semi with the "Wall of Shame" and pictures of every single politician that is ruining this state on it.