Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Should AP reporter be disciplined? Fired?

The Northwest Herald this morning carries an Associated Press article about the arrest of four gang members in Chicago for a park shooting that wounded 13 people.

What kind a weapon was used?

1st paragrah, "an assault rifle"
3rd paragrah, "the assault rifle"
11th paragraph, "the assault rifle"

Just before the 11 last words in the story, the reporter used "AK-47-style rifle".

Ahhh, an "assault-type" rifle. A look-alike. A semi-automatic rifle - that's one where you have to pull the trigger each time you fire. Just like any other firearm (except fully-automatic weapons that require a special license to own (military, police, very, very limited other ownership).

Maybe the NRA or ISRA should haul Jason Keyser, the reporter, and his editor and the Associated Press into court for false reporting.

What to do with the four gang-bangers? It was a 20-year-old convicted felon who provided the rifle. How about 50 years in prison for him? The other three were 21, 22 and 22. How about 50 years for them, too? With no parole?

And then put their pictures on billboards all over Chicago's South Side and West Side with "Was it worth it?" That might just be enough message for more of the gang members to start waking up.

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