Sunday, September 15, 2013

Two dead? And no danger to public?

Woodstock residents should be relieved to read the Northwest Herald this afternoon and learn there is no danger to the public, after two died dead on Saturday afternoon.

I first received a text from an out-of-town reader about the death of Mark Medina, 34, in the 1900 block of Sheila Street, Woodstock, yesterday. Then I read the newspaper article, which said that Medina died of multiple stab wounds.

Four paragraphs down, the article stated, "Arriving officers found a man who was deceased." Is this a second dead man?

And then, ""No danger to the public is believed to exist, authorities said."

Does this mean that a suspected killer is in custody?

MIAT (Major Investigations Assistance Team) was activated. Was that because a suspected killer is at large or to analyze and investigate the crime scene?

I am reminded of the Feldkamp/Bloom triple homicide in McHenry County in June 2011, where two died from stab wounds and one from gunshot. The McHenry County Sheriff's Dept. handled that crime scene and did not even activate MIAT. Sheriff Nygren declared at a press conference less than 24 hours later what had happened, based on nearly worthless statements made by the Feldkamp son who was at the house and before any thorough investigation or analysis of the crime scene.

Failing to activate MIAT after three died meant that only MCSD deputies were involved and, after Nygren declared what happened, there is not a person on the planet who thinks any MCSD deputy would be brave enough to step forward and say, "Wait a minute! What about this? and this? and this?" There are enough holes is the so-called "investigation" to drive a Mack truck through.

Had MIAT been activated at that time, officers from various municipal police departments in the County would have combined their efforts for a thorough, independent investigation.

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