Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Today! - National Cheeseburger Day

Betcha you didn't know that today (September 18) is National Cheeseburger Day! (I didn't, either.)

Thanks to emails from Famous Dave's, now I do. And you do, too.

Now the question is, what are you going to do about it?

What Woodstock restaurant has the best cheeseburger? Nominations are open.

I'll say that Culver's belongs on the list.

A little farther away, a bunch of joints on Randall Road will probably be in the running. For me, it's nothing but ribs, when I go to Famous Dave's.

And a lot farther away, for ribs you can't beat Hickory House Ribs in Aspen. Just a little too far to go for lunch today.


Anonymous said...

Hey Buster, you look'n like you've had more than your share of Cheeseburgers! I've lost 35 lbs in the last 4mos (only drinkn light beer now!), so now you are closing in on my size! DOH!

Gus said...

Yes, but it's my main meal today. And then there are those nutrition shakes and all that water I'm drinking.