Sunday, September 15, 2013

Used books - donate, recycle or this?

What do you do with your used books?

Do you try to donate them to the library? Will the library take them? What does the library do with them, after they accept them? You think that the library will inventory them, list them and put them on the shelves. Right? Does it? You'll have to ask.

You can donate them to the McHenry County Defenders. Then you can go into the store at the Woodstock (Ill.) Square Mall and buy them back.

You can just dump them in your trash.

Or you can do this... Visit the website for Little Free Library!

Build and "plant" your own library box in your front yard. Then others can take the books and read them. And return them, put them in other boxes, or put in their own books for other readers.

Or maybe you can get permission from City Hall to put it on public property at City Hall, at a park or at other places around town.

If you are going to put it in your front yard, you'd better ask City Hall whether you need permission. You may (or you may not).

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