Sunday, September 15, 2013

Coloradoans recall 2 over gun positions

I was in Colorado last week on election day (September 10) for recall votes on two State elected persons, State Sen. (and Colorado Senate President) John Morse and State Sen. Angela Giron. The two became unpopular with voters over their stands on gun-control issues.

Anyone who thinks long-time Illinois State Representative (and Speaker of the House) Mike Madigan and Illinois Senate President John Cullerton can't be dumped is nuts. All it takes is to educate the public and get the public mad enough to dump them. Madigan has had a lock on Illinois for 27 years, and look at the mess this state is in. Of course, it isn't only his fault. He gets lots of help from like-minded elected reps.

Maybe, during the next election, voters will start to connect the dots.

And maybe the same connection will be made right here in McHenry County, especially in the race for Sheriff.

Do the voters really have any idea how low the morale is at the Sheriff's Department? And why?

It is critical to change the top command at the Sheriff's Department. Since recall is not an option, election day is the only possibility. The first critical election will be the Primary Election in March 2014. Find someone circulating a petition for Bill Prim, the Republican challenger to Andy (the Finger) Zinke. And start now to persuade all Republicans to vote for Bill Prim in March.

After that, voters can then choose between Prim and Jim Harrison, an Independent candidate for Sheriff. Harrison will not be on the Primary ballot. All his efforts will be focused on winning in the General Election. At this time no Democratic candidate for Sheriff has been identified.

The Number One reason to push Zinke into retirement (or employment elsewhere) is that Sheriff Nygren wants Zinke to succeed him. I'll always remember a remark that Nygren made to me in a meeting in his office. Nygren told me he "had to drive 20MPH over the limit in Wisconsin, just to keep up with traffic."

Nygren had to know my stand on speed limits and that I had caused 8-10 drivers to appear in court on traffic charges and that every one (at that time) had been convicted. Why would a sheriff tell a citizen that he was a speeder? I could think of only one reason - that he considered himself above the law. And Nygren's speeding ticket in Wisconsin in January 2012 was proof of that for me.

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