Monday, September 16, 2013

I love America. Don't lower the flag.

I see that our Commander-in-Chief has ordered the lowering of flags for what happened at the naval yard in Washington, D.C.


I am so sick and tired of this stupid President's lowering the U.S. Flag every time some nutcase goes on a shooting spree that (redacted).

The U.S. Flag should be flown high every day. I believe there is NO reason to ever lower the U.S. Flag, except at night when it has been flown on an unlighted flag pole. If I had a U.S. Flag and a flagpole, I would refuse to lower the flag.

The act by that jerk in Washington (I mean the killer, not the C-in-C) is not - repeat, not - an act of terrorism. It sounds to me like a workplace killing.

Maybe people should be allowed to carry guns in the workplace, whether it's a Navy yard, a military base, a school, or City Hall. Then, when some nut shows up and starts shooting, somebody could shoot back.

Instead, all the knee-jerk liberals want law-abiding citizens disarmed. Well, the heck with that!

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