Monday, May 27, 2013

"Zinke should be in public relations..."

"Zinke should be in public relations, not police work."

If you haven't read Murder in McHenry yet, go to and buy your copy. You'll have to wait a day or two while revisions are being made, but you'll find your money well-spent.

A very interesting part is the "non-investigation" by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department of a double homicide in Lakemoor on June 2, 1981.

Chapter 26 begins with an email that author Paul Scharff received from Simon Barrett in 2009. Barrett writes a blog at  Barrett emailed Scharff about a conversation that he had had with Zinke and "...the kindest thing Simon could say about their conversation was, 'Zinke should be in public relations, not police work.'"

Supposedly, McHenry County Sheriff's Department had re-opened the double homicide case and had assigned 20 deputies to it. After a period of time, only two deputies remained assigned.

Does anybody believe that "20" deputies number? On a case that was cold for more than 25 years?

Scharff wrote earlier in the book that, when the MCSD was contacted after Frank Cullotta's information re-surfaced, MCSD claimed it didn't have any unsolved double homicides. That's how cold the case was!

Really! You do need to read this book. If you read it and don't think that a huge management shake-up is needed at MCSD, you'd better check for a pulse.

Will anyone supply the names of the 20 deputies at MCSD who participated in the re-opened investigation after December 2008? And is there anyone left at MCSD who remembers what George Hendle and Beverly Hendle did on this case in 1981-82?

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