Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Woodstock Water Issue

At last night's City Council meeting a Woodstock resident addressed the City Council about a serious, ongoing water problem in her backyard. Her family and she had flooding problems in last August's flood, and this spring she has had serious problems with standing water in her backyard. They live on West Jackson Street, approximately one block south of the library.

She spoke during the Public Comment period of the meeting and presented her detailed story of efforts to get the City to seriously consider the problem, which is being caused by water pooling in her yard, causing very rapid weed growth. She spoke about her frustration at trying the deal with the City and get some resolution to the problem. She had her facts all lined up. She spoke clearly and directly. She spoke about certain City employees who had come to her residence and then about the problems trying to get them to come back or return calls.

One of the best things she did last night was ask the City do DO something. Not "try" to do something. Not think about it. Not study the problem. Fix it! When no commitment was forthcoming, she called them on that. And she got a commitment, finally, that there would be action today.

And today there was action. Late this afternoon there were two City trucks there and a backhoe in the neighbor's yard. She was told that an underground pipe had been found clogged with mud.

And she has already notified the City of a correction to her comments last night. She knew her problem had been ongoing for two months, but last night she referred to the problems having started in May. Today she realized she had meant to say "April" and she called to have the record corrected.

What experience have you had with Public Works? Do you have some barbs to sling their way or some praise to heap on them? Any particular employees who deserve your comments?

Here's a hint for those who represent the City. When a resident is speaking about a serious concern, do your best to stifle your yawn. If you just can't hold it back, at lease cover your mouth.


Richard W Gorski, M.D. said...

I bet that if the Mayor had a problem like this it would not have taken this long to get fixed. What do you think?

La tee da said...

I heard the property maintenance inspector sent the resident a violationt letter for the grass being too long!

magilla said...

you heard wrong. no letter was ever sent.