Monday, June 9, 2008

Employee Medical Records - Confidential?

Readers are invited to read well-written articles about the current circumstances of 19-year Woodstock Police Department employee, Sgt. Steve Gorski, which appear at

More detail appears there about the hearings of the Fire & Police Commission of the City of Woodstock, which were initiated by the City. According to the articles there (three, so far) the City publicized private medical information of Sgt. Gorski. By doing so, did the allegations of the City serve as a smear aimed at Sgt. Gorski?

Wouldn't normal protocol be to refrain from discussing personnel matters in public? Why didn't the City hold private medical information confidential?

And, more importantly, why - after the City had released this confidential medical information in an open meeting of the Commission - did the attorney for the City then claim that further meetings of the Fire & Police Commission be conducted as closed meetings?

This topic will come up at Tuesday's Woodstock City Council meeting. Know what is going on in your City. Be there Tuesday night - 7:00PM at City Hall - second floor.

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