Monday, June 23, 2008

And Another Parkway Pile

Within a few blocks of the abandoned furnishings at 134/136 First Avenue is this mess - at the house just north of 930 North Clay Street. Wouldn't it be nice if there were a house number on the front of the house?

The same rules as for landlords could be applied to owners of property who discard furnishings or junk at the curb and hope that scavengers will come to claim it before the weather ruins it.

My own suspicion is that people in need are hesitant to pull up at a curb to inspect or take property. They don't really know whether it is there to be taken. No one wants to be charged with theft for taking junk off the curb. And does the junk at the curb belong to Marengo Disposal, if the property owner has called for a paid pick-up?

Recycling used furniture helps both the person who wants to get rid of it and the person who needs it. Perhaps Woodstock should designate one week-end each quarter (or each month during the summer) as Free Curb Pick-up week-end. Then owners/tenants could put their junk out for anyone to take.

Whatever remained on Sunday evening would have to be taken back in, unless a Monday pick-up was arranged in advance. Any takers on this idea?

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Snoozer said...

Gus - The house number (934)is just to the side of the door ... I enlarged the picture and got out my magnifying glass and could just about see it ... and guess what else? I think the house belongs to Snoozer Junior. Only Junior would paint the house numbers with a camoflauge color so that the cops can't see it. You da man, mi amogo!