Sunday, June 22, 2008

Illegal Fireworks in Woodstock

On this morning's editorial page of the Northwest Herald is a good editorial complimenting the announcement by the Lake in the Hills Police Department that they will adopt a zero-tolerance approach to illegal fireworks.

Will Woodstock P.D. follow suit?

Every year there is a fine City (legal) fireworks show at Emricson Park.

And every year there is a fine (illegal) fireworks show just east of Emricson Park from a home on Hill Street. Rockets shoot high into the air and explode before and after the City's show. Boomers can be heard before and after the City's show.

Calvary Cemetery on Jackson St. may once again prohibit sitting on their grass to watch the show. This was a popular place for viewing the City's fireworks program for years. Too many people drove into the cemetery grounds and parked on the grass. Too many people trashed the grounds and did not respect the hallowed ground that a cemetery is. It is not, and was not, a park.

It was a privilege to sit there. The privilege was abused. And now the cemetery prohibits the use of their lawns for fireworks viewing. Please respect their decision.

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