Thursday, June 12, 2008

More Analysis in Sgt. Gorski Matter

If you would like to read additional well-thought-out, informative opinions of the matter of the City of Woodstock vs. Sgt. Steve Gorski, be sure to follow the postings on

Excellent issues are being raised. For example, just what is the authority and the power of the Fire and Police Commission of the City of Woodstock?

What's also interesting about this whole deal is that the Agendas and Minutes of the Fire and Police Commission, as posted on the City's website, do not reflect all the meetings of this Commission. How can that be? EVERY meeting of a City Commission should be announced, have an agenda and be recorded. It's the proof that a meeting actually took place.

Now, these meetings are being held to discuss a personnel issue and to discuss an employee's confidential medical records. Okay. So, if this issue and these records are to be discussed in a closed meeting to protect the employee's confidential medical records as provided under HIPAA, then the Commission should be called to meet, convene, agree to the purpose of the meeting, go into closed session (where Minutes are also to be kept and preserved), exit the closed session and re-convene in open session, discuss any other business and, if none, state when the matter will next be discussed and adjourn.

The webpage for the Fire and Police Commission does not show all the meetings of the Commission. This error should be corrected immediately by posting all previous Agendas and Minutes of every meeting of this Commission.

Opinions, anyone?

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