Friday, June 13, 2008

Square Trash Can - Full !

Could the City schedule trash can service on Fridays, knowing that the Square will be full of customers and shoppers (hopefully) on summer week-ends? Of course, it "could." Will it?

This trash receptacle, on the corner in front of Starbuck's and Read Between the Lynes Bookstore was already full today at 3:00PM. What will it look like tomorrow after the Farmer's Market and on Sunday evening?

Who knows? Maybe it will be emptied before the end of the day. Anything is possible. It would seem that the weekly checklist for Fridays would include emptying trash cans around the Square and in our parks. And then again on Monday.
By the way, why not just take your sandwich bags, drink cups and newspapers home and discard them there?

And a special note to those who clean out their cars and fill City trashcans with a week's worth of pop cans, McDonald's bags, and other trash accumulated for a week or two. The City trash cans are not the place for your trash. Dump it at home, please.

And a really special note to those who dump their cigarette ashtrays out the window while parked on the Square. I've got a four-letter word for you: DON'T.

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what the woodstock nuisance meant to say said...

Take the top off of that green thing and use it-its already got trash in it. Seriously since most of the garbage in the receptacle pictured is from Starbucks why don't they help with the removal? Nope they complain to the City about it as well.