Friday, June 20, 2008

The Bucket List

Have you seen this movie - The Bucket List? Don't miss it. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman star in it.

I'm not going to review it here. Just trot over to your nearest RedBox after you reserve it for $1 at

Watch it, and then make your own Bucket List. I've already started mine.

What won't I have to put on my new list?

A 23-day whitewater raft trip through the Grand Canyon with 14 others in three little rafts
Horseback riding in the Colorado mountains
Being a motorcycle cop
Earning Private Pilot and Commercial Pilot licenses and an Iinstrument rating
Walking barefoot on a bed of hot coals
Learning to speak Russian
Stepping off a plank 180 feet above the ground and riding a zipline to the valley floor
Becoming a regression hypnotherapist

What will you put on your Bucket List?

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