Thursday, March 13, 2014

Support SlideFire; call now

I-55 between Central & Cicero
You know that sign on I-55 paid for by SlideFire
( The one with the baseball glove, apple pie and the "assault" weapon?

Right. That one. The sign that anti-gunner Fr. Pfleger and Moms Demand Action are against.

Lamar Outdoor Signs is catching a lot of flack from the Moms and him, and Lamar and SlideFire would like to hear from some friendly voices.

I've already called. Actually, I called with a "complaint". I left a message at SlideFire that the billboard is not big enough and that they need to put up more billboards. Maybe they ought to put up one right across the street from Fr. Pfleger's chuch, St. Sabina, 1210 West 78th Place, Chicago. Read their stand on concealed carry right on their homepage for their church!

Fr. Pfleger posted on Facebook that it "is UNACCEPTABLE [sic] to keep making GUNS [sic] and an Assault Rifle at that, to define what it means to be American, while the Blood of our Children continues to flow from gun Violence!"

Instead of preaching against SlideFire, maybe Fr. Pfleger ought to spend a little more time preaching to the gangbangers, thugs and drive-by shooters in Chicago.

Call now in support of the SlideFire sign.

SlideFire, (325) 945-3800
Lamar Outdoor Signs, call Hal at (800) 235-2627

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