Monday, March 17, 2014

Important reflection on the Sheriff's Department

The following statement was received from Cliff and Susan Bloom, whose son, Doran, died on the same evening as Jack and Audrey Feldkamp, of Marengo. Read it carefully, then read it again and read between the lines.

Keith Nygren's name is on the Crime Scene Log for that night of June 7, 2011. I have a copy of the Log. Supposedly, Nygren and Zinke showed up just before midnight and stayed for a grand total of 15 minutes. Before I saw the Log, I had heard that Nygren had flown back to Woodstock on the morning of June 8, and I had wondered whether the taxpayers footed the bill for his flight. Oh,

What got me interested in this case was how quickly Nygren announced "who done it" and, in effect, closed the case. How do you properly investigate three deaths and announce your findings less than 24 hours later?  Oh, wait: June 2011 ... this is during the period Zinke claims to have been running the sheriff's department.

If Sheriff Nygren was not at the Crime Scene, why is his name on the Log? Maybe Zinke knows the answer...

Here is Cliff Bloom's statement and recommendation for Bill Prim as the Republican candidate for Sheriff.
Statement from Cliff Bloom

Do you remember the heinous triple murder that took place in Marengo on June 2011?

Did you know that crime has never been investigated?

The McHenry County Sheriff’s Department has never done an investigation.

Here is a bit of what I’ve learned about the McHenry County Sheriff’s Department and their long sordid history of complicity with criminals and criminals that operate within the department itself.
Sheriff Keith Nygren never visited the crime scene the night of the crime (even though his name is on the manifest).  A deputy told us Nygren would hold a press conference upon returning from his vacation home the next day.

My wife & I were “interviewed” (interrogated) for approximately 3 hours and then were told that our son had been shot to death by Scott Feldcamp in self-defense after our son had stabbed Jack & Audrey Feldcamp to death.  We told MCSD we didn’t believe Doran could have committed such an atrocity and asked them for proof.  We’re still waiting for MCSD.

Under Sheriff Zinke promised us there would be a thorough investigation and that we would be informed of all the factual evidence MCSD uncovered.  Zinke warned us that talking to the press or neighbors would only confuse and impede the investigation.  We’re still waiting, but now we’re talking.

Many of Nygren’s statements were not factual, or maybe in his haste to rush home from his (seventeen years at taxpayer expense) vacation he became confused?

Nygren lied at the press conference that Doran Bloom’s mother said that Doran was diagnosed with schizophrenia and had exhibited “fits of rage.”  Maybe Nygren confused Doran with Scott Feldcamp, who did undergo therapy for the violent behavior for physically beating his parents and sister?

Nygren reported to the press that MCSD had “solved this crime.”  Most people believe the sheriff so why should he put any more effort into it?  He had more important business to take care of:

My daughter & her husband (who was a Federal Law Enforcement Officer at the time) got into town 2 days later and went for an interview with my wife to MCSD.  Shortly after beginning the meeting, it was called to a halt by Officer Greg Pyle.  Greg stated that there wasn’t going to be an investigation.  MCSD knew how the crime had been committed and that MCSD wasn’t going to “waste” any time or resources looking any further into the incident.  You can check out Greg’s credentials here:  Why did MCSD keep Mr. Pyle employed and pay his salary after he was indicted?

MCSD has many honest, upstanding officers working there.  It is a difficult environment to work in when their superior officers are engaged in criminal or perhaps “less than ethical” activities.

There are dozens of other cases like this in McHenry County that have been ignored or swept aside by Sheriff Nygren.  Why would Nygren waste time actually trying to solve crimes when he is “on vacation” or doing deals to acquire bankrupt properties?   Read up on Gary Gauger.     

I went to the debate between Zinke & Prim at McHenry Count College.  Zinke said he is part of MIAT that is set up to investigate major crimes.  I guess MCSD didn’t consider this a “major crime.”

Zinke stated that MCSD is working with the mental health programs in McHenry County such as the Pioneer Center.  Not one officer from MCSD has ever talked to or interviewed any of the staff or caseworkers in the program our son participated in.

In our interactions with Mr. Zinke, he has always treated us with respect, and we have no reason to believe he is not a sincere and honest man, but we also believe he was and is manipulated by less than honest people.

Taxpayers in McHenry County deserve better.  We deserve better.

We’re endorsing Bill Prim because it’s time to “clean house.”

Clifford & Susan Bloom


John Lovaas said...

I certainly hope the family FOIAs information that could confirm Mr. Nygren's location on June 6 and 7.

Unless the flight was paid for out of someone's pocket, I wonder if a request for June air travel cost for department employees would yield an answer.

Also curious about whether MCSD employees are logged in/out of the building.

Since the case is closed, any emails sent to/from Mr. Zinke on the 6/7/8 referencing any of the victim's or assailant's name should be available.

Big Daddy said...

Now THIS is the case I wish you would post every week or so. I've never heard of it before but it sounds very, very interesting.

I cant wait for Bill to take over.

richard duckworth said...

Very sad story. Good job on getting it out, Gus.