Friday, March 14, 2014

Not just a pretty face ...

Photo: courtesy McHenry County Blog
Angela Wood-Zuzevich works for the McHenry County
Sheriff's Department as its Business Manager.  This is a desk job. It has regular office hours. She's not a deputy. I cannot foresee any time when she would be required to hurry to the office in the middle of the night or show up at a crime scene.

Yet she has a take-home car from the Sheriff's Department.

The County Vehicle Policy says you have to live in the county to get a take-home car. She doesn't. She lives in Winnebago. OK, I know it's a long haul from home to 2200 N. Seminary Ave. in Woodstock, but other employees bear the cost personally.

Now, don't make any dumb-blonde remarks about her, either.

She pulls down $109,537/year for keeping her chair warm at the MCSD. That's more than most deputies and sergeants earn. Why should a "Business Manager" earn that much more than the Department's deputies and jailers who do the real work at MCSD.

Business Manager. How much "funny" business is there? Her take-home car seems to be a vehicle that was confiscated. Was it seized in a drug deal? Are vehicles forfeited supposed to be used to support anti-drug activity?  On July 10, 2010, MCSD acquired the title to the 2008 Honda. How many miles have been put on that car fighting drug crimes in the County? (Does it have an I-Pass? Who coughs up for the tolls?) And who pays for the fuel? Is it ever fueled at the Sheriff's gas pump?

Two of the three candidates for McHenry County Sheriff want to cut waste at the MCSD. Will the Business Manager position go down the drain? Will the seized vehicle finally be put to proper use by deputies?

Angela has also been spotted at the MCSD shooting range. What possible reason could there be for allowing an office employee to use the range? What about the risk factor, if she should catch some fragmented bullets in the face? Don't laugh; it happened.

Be sure to read the article on yesterday's McHenry County Blog.

The big question is WHO approved her for a take-home car? Whose signature is on the form, authorizing it? Nygren's? Or Zinke's?

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