Sunday, March 2, 2014

Beth Bentley - Week 197

Beth Bentley has been missing for 197 weeks.

When I read the latest press release from the Woodstock Police Department, dated February 12, I learned that "Beth was originally entered into the Law Enforcement Agencies Database System (LEADS) as “Missing Endangered” as the result of her purported prescription and illegal drug use while she was visiting the Mt. Vernon and Jefferson County area of southern Illinois."

That LEADS entry was then prior to November 11, 2010, or more than three years ago.

If that LEADS entry was due, as stated, to Beth's "purported" illegal drug use in the Mt. Vernon area on the week-end of May 20-23, 2010, who might be "persons of interest" to the Woodstock Police Department and the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office? I don't mention Mt. Vernon Police, because the house believed to be the destination of Beth and her friend, Jenn Wyatt, on Thursday night, May 20, was located well outside the corporate limits of Mt. Vernon, Illinois.

When might Beth have used illegal drugs during that visit? Upon arrival on Friday morning, May 21? On Saturday, May 22? On Sunday, May 23?

Wyatt reportedly told the Woodstock Police that she had dropped Beth off near the Centralia Amtrak Station about 6:00PM. Who drove to Centralia? Beth, in the car she had rented in Woodstock for the week-end trip, leaving her car in Wyatt's garage in Woodstock? Or did Jenn drive the car to Centralia? Or did either of them even go to Centralia on that Sunday afternoon? (Some people question whether Beth ever left Woodstock that Thursday night.)

How did the Woodstock Police come up with the suspicion of purported illegal drug use by Beth? What drugs? Was use of illegal drug use suspected before that week-end?

Woodstock Police, 300+ miles north of Mt. Vernon, seem to be, for some unknown and rather unusual reason, the lead investigatory agency. Beth didn't disappear from Woodstock, according to published reports, although she was reported to the Woodstock Police as missing. Why didn't Jefferson County Sheriff's Office take the lead, if it was believed she disappeared from their jurisdiction?

Does any of Beth's friends from that week-end have suspected or proven drug involvement?

Why haven't police re-classified Beth's disappearance as a crime and continued to investigate and gather evidence of the "purported" illegal drug use? Who were the other users? Who were the dealers? Who were the suppliers of the dealers?

Why isn't the family clamoring for a solution to her disappearance? Is there any chance that "too many stones" shouldn't be turned over? If some people in Beth's circle of friends, family, co-workers, acquaintances, etc., have dirty hands, would they just try to stay in the shadows and avoid providing information that could be useful in finding Beth, because they'd be sticking their own necks out too far?

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Big Daddy said...

They have not reclassified it as a crime because there is no evidence of a crime from what I see based upon what you have posted here. I don't know why Woodstock took the lead although if I were the police down state and Woodstock told me they wanted the lead I'd say have at it.