Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Is Nygren AWOL?

Where is the announcement from Sheriff Keith Nygren that he has contacted the Illinois State Police to ask them to investigate Undersheriff Andy Zinke about his alleged mis-use of the LEADS system. Hey, Keith! It's a felony.

Last Friday Woodstock attorney Robert T. Hanlon filed a case in Federal Court, alleging on behalf of his client, Sondra Matterness, that Zinke has improperly (illegally) accessed the LEADS database for other than official purposes.

Hey, Keith. That's a felony.

Where is Nygren? Can he be found at 2200 N. Seminary, where an office still has his name on the door?

Zinke issued a press release a while back that he has been running the sheriff's department for three years. Why are we parting with $151,000/year for Nygren, if Zinke is running things.

Has Nygren abandoned his elected office, if Zinke is running things? Should the Coroner assume the duties of Sheriff?

Has Nygren failed in his sworn duties by ignoring the very possible felony of mis-using LEADS?

Do you know how hard it is to get a law-enforcement agency to investigate a crime by a deputy?

The desk officer at the Illinois State Police District 2 (Elgin) told me they don't investigate sheriff's departments and to call the Attorney General's office. The Attorney General's office told me that they don't initiate charges and to file a lawsuit. Attorney Hanlon already did.

But how do you get the crime investigated???


Maverick50 said...

FACT! They protect each other and the hell with your rights. They believe THEY ARE ABOVE THE LAW. First hand experience....

richard duckworth said...

Everyone should remember what ASA Combs about the Woodstock Sgt when he was caught texting the young girl and running the mom in LEADS.
It was something like, "He's human, we all make mistakes."

One day the ruling class will have to live by the same rules as everyone else. This will never occur if we keep voting the same clowns in.

CB said...

You don't really expect Kieth to break from vacation to do an investigation, do you?