Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Jailer - no FOID card?

Is it true that one of McHenry County's Correctional Officers does not have her FOID card?

I've been told that jailers must have FOID cards. It is a condition of employment. Why? Because they must handle firearms and qualify at the range.

How can this jailer be at work? How many times has been approved for a FOID card and been denied? Two? Three? Four?

Who's in charge of the jail?

Deputy Chief Patrick Firman?
Chief Dan Sedlock?
Undersheriff Andy Zinke? (the one who wants to be sheriff)

What rules are being disregarded by hiring and keeping an employee who cannot meet the requirements of the position?

Why is that employee getting preferential treatment?


Maverick50 said...

All Illinois residents need Firearm Owner Identification cards, or FOIDs. Illinois residents must have valid FOID cards in order to purchase, sell, transfer, own or possess any firearm or ammunition anywhere in Illinois.
If that jailer is not a resident, then I believe NO Foid card is necessary. The question would be "Is that Jailer a resident?".

mike said...

Might be a violation of the departments rules but not of the law. So long as the only gun carried is the service weapon the employee is okay under the law. If he has a shotgun or a .22 for plinking then they are in violation. I once checked this out with the state police and they confirmed it.

Supposebly it would also apply to an off-duty weapon if they are required or permitted as part of the job.

See 430 ILCS 65/2(c)

(c) The provisions of this Section regarding the acquisition and possession of firearms, firearm ammunition, stun guns, and tasers do not apply to law enforcement officials of this or any other jurisdiction, while engaged in the operation of their official duties.

Gus said...

One problem for correctional officers is that they are not sworn law enforcement officers. I believe they are civilian employees of the jail.

richard duckworth said...

The department requires the FOID card for all jailers unless you're a close personal friend of one of the top jail administrators.
All jailers are required to own a firearm unless you're a close... blah blah blah..
All jailers have to go on prisoner transport details which require your FOID card, firearm unless you're... you get the picture.
This probationary officer should have been terminated for allowing a male inmate in with the female inmates but instead is given preferential treatment.
Later in the year when the massive lawsuits are filed against the County regarding the male "incursion" just remember what happened to the probationary officer involved... Yes, a slap on the wrist and preferential treatment.
Great jail they're running. It's a joke!

Big Daddy said...

First of all, they should not have jail guards transporting prisoners. That should be done by deputies. As far as needing a FOID card, I don't believe they need one for the performance of their duties. Are they allowed to carry off duty, when they leave the jail?

Dumbjailer said...

Why BIg Daddy? Do you think us "JAILERS" are too stupid to transport prisoners? Do you know anything about my job? My capabilities? Not responsible enough? Not good enough?

Dumbjailer said...

Why Big Daddy? Are us "JAILERS" too stupid? Not responsible enough? Not qualified or trained enough? Do you know anything about my job? Or my qualifications.. You know jack, so shut your mouth.

Dumbjailer said...

Idoc prison guards transport prisoners, every county in Illinois has JAILERS transport prisoners. You don't know what your talking about Big Dummy, I mean Big Daddy.

Dumbjailer said...
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Big Daddy said...

Actually I do know your job. I worked in Cook County jail for five years before I became a policeman. Nice try and an appropriate name that you picked for yourself. You are a perfect example of why I said what I said and confirm the validity of it.

Gus said...

DJ, I was just stating the fact that MCSO correctional officers are not sworn peace officers. For the public's information, they are not merited" employees of the MCSO. A sheriff changed their employment years ago. Nygren? or a prior sheriff?

The responsibilities and duties, along with privilege (authority), to carry a firearm off-duty are different for a sworn peace officer.

Many jailers are well-trained and of high integrity. Some are not. As I wrote, it's my understanding that MCSO jailers must have FOID cards.

Dumbjailer said...

Big Daddy, it's sarcasm . You moron.

Big Daddy said...

You chose the name Dumbjailer not me.

Dumbjailer said...

Sounds to me like someone fell off the wagon.

Dumbjailer said...

Couldn't cut it as a c/o? Afraid of the inmates? Or was it the booze? Yeah! It is much safer patrolling the cornfields I guess.

Gus said...

OK, I'm calling an end to the rude, sniping comments here.

Big Daddy said...

Thank you Gus and I apologize to you for whatever part I played in it.