Monday, March 10, 2014

Prim says, "No pension"

Bill Prim said today that he will refuse a pension from the Office of Sheriff.

One of the things I haven't heard mentioned is whether Andy Zinke would have to retire (and begin receiving a pension?) from the McHenry County Sheriff's Department, should he happen to be elected sheriff. As an elected official, would he still be an employee of MCSD?

Certainly, he would get a boost in pay to the statutory salary for the Sheriff, which is somewhere north of $145,000/year. According to the Better Government Association Payroll Database (as of Septemberr 2012), Keith Nygren's salary was $151,328. Add the perks to that.

Here's what Bill Prim said today in his press release.

"Prim said Monday that if elected he would not participate in any pension plan for county employees or state elected officials, would not accrue service time or make contributions that could be redeemed toward any future pension, or participate in the pension system in any other way.

“I have repeatedly made this statement verbally, but for the sake of clarity, I will now put it in the public record.

“'I state unequivocally that on my first day in office, I will notify the pertinent pension plan administrators that I will not participate and that I voluntarily opt out of any and all pension arrangements available to County employees or elected officials,” Prim said.

“I expect voters to hold me to this promise. No pension. Period.”

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