Tuesday, March 18, 2014

SlideFire's I-55 sign

It really means a lot when people say, "Thanks."

Yesterday I received a telephone call from the design director at SlideFire to thank me for my call of support last week. That's a call I'll remember for a long time; it doesn't happen all that often.

SlideFire contracted (rented) a large billboard on I-55. Initially, they received many calls of support.

Then came the calls from Fr. Pfleger's gang and Moms Demand Action. And then came more calls of support.

At the end of the contracted rental period, the sign will be replaced with other revenue-generating signs. Its replacement has nothing to do with efforts by Fr. Pfleger or Moms Demand Action.

What was my "complaint" about SlideFire's sign? It was too small! And there weren't enough other signs like it spread throughout Chicagoloand. But signs are expensive.

Thanks, SlideFire!

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