Friday, March 14, 2014

Sidecar dogs - - what are they?

Have some fun and watch this promo for an independent movie being made right here in the good ol' USA about dogs that ride in motorcycle sidecars. The promo video is less than five minutes and fun to watch.

If you are feeling generous, kick in a few bucks on the Kickstarter fundraiser that is helping these moviemakers.

Late last summer I thought about converting my Honda Shadow ACE 1100cc to three wheels and thought I'd found a sidecar in Oregon. Oregon, Illinois, that is. But what I had found was a good engineer and mechanic who could mount the sidecar, if I found it first. Finding a sidecar and getting it to Oregon sounded like more than I wanted to chew off before winter. Maybe in another year.

But now? Let's see... a sidecar and a real dog (not a little yapper), and I could hit the road.

Click here to go to the Kickstarter website. Watch the video, and then throw them a bone, or a five, or a ten-spot, or more. You'll feel better than when you drop $5 at Starbuck's.

Go on... live it up. I did.

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