Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Harrison re-affirms intentions

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:             March 26, 2014
Citizens to Elect Jim Harrison Sheriff of McHenry County
Contact:  Carolyn Harrison
Post Office Box 10
Ringwood, IL 60072

Harrison is in it to win it!
Because of misinformation being circulated about whether Woodstock attorney Jim Harrison will run for McHenry County Sheriff, today, Harrison laid all speculation to rest.

“There is absolutely no doubt that I am seeking to be elected Sheriff of McHenry County,” Jim Harrison said.  Harrison announced his intention to run for Sheriff in July of 2012. “The only thing that has changed since then, is that now I only have to look over one shoulder;” Harrison mused.”  
The primary election is used by political parties to select the political party’s candidate to run for office in the General Election.  Harrison is running his campaign independent of party politics, so instead of a primary election, Harrison must collect 6,728 signatures from registered McHenry County voters to be on the ballot in November.  The political party candidates were only required to obtain 517 signatures from registered Republican voters.

However, because Harrison is running as an independent candidate, any registered voter in McHenry County can sign Harrison’s petitions; regardless of their political party affiliation, (if any); regardless of whether they previously signed a petition for Republican primary candidates Zinke or Prim, and regardless of whether or how they voted in the recent primary election.  

“There are nearly 200,000 registered voters in McHenry County; more than enough for us to meet the signature requirement,” Harrison said, “and everyone involved in the campaign is dedicated to the success of the petition signature drive.”  “We always welcome more help,” Harrison added. 

For independent candidates, the signature collection period runs from March 25th to June 23rd, the last day for Harrison to turn in petitions.  Political party candidates collected their petition signatures in the fall, ahead of the primary election on March 18th.  “I had people calling me before the primary asking me why I didn’t have signs up, and I had to remind them that I have no primary election” Harrison said. “Others speculated whether I was running for Sheriff because I haven’t turned my candidacy documents in to the Clerk’s Office,” Harrison continued, “as an independent, my candidacy documents get turned in with my petitions in June.”

“Clearly, McHenry County voters are unaccustomed to having an independent choice for Sheriff on the ballot in the General Election,” Harrison said; “I’m here to give McHenry County voters that choice.”  “In this election, McHenry County will have the opportunity to entrust the responsibility for the Sheriff’s Office to a politically-independent, experienced business professional, who will act in the best interests of the people of McHenry County, and without preference or priority for the interests of any political party.”  “It’s time to ‘raise the bar’ in the qualifications we demand in our Sheriff, and I am confident that my law enforcement background, my professional experience, and my record will meet the highest expectations of the voters,” Harrison stated. 

“And all of McHenry County is welcome to join us,” Harrison invited; “we have supporters from one end of the county to another; we have Republicans, Democrats, Libertarians, Tea Party members, and a whole bunch of independent voters whose tireless efforts are giving legs to this campaign – and we are off and running.”  

“Make no mistake,” Harrison said, “I’m in this race to win, but know also my motives are politically neutral.”  “My interest is in the job and the work that goes with being Sheriff, not the title,” Harrison said. 

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