Friday, March 21, 2014

Harrison candidacy for sheriff

Jim Harrison, expected Independent candidate for McHenry County Sheriff in the November General Election, offers this information regarding his candidacy. Jim will be opening a campaign office and holding a fundraiser shortly.

Vote November 4, 2014

Harrison Knows the Law from the Street to the Courtroom
Deputy Sheriff McHenry County Sheriff’s Police 8 Years
Corrections Patrol Narcotics Investigations S.W.A.T.
Special Assistant State’s Attorney McHenry County S.A.O. 12 Yrs.
Employment, Labor and Civil Rights Lawyer Harrison Law Offices 22 Yrs.
Adjunct Professor of Law John Marshall Law School Chicago 13 Yrs.
Harrison Will   Save Tax Dollars
·       Eliminate Unnecessary Administrative Positions and Political Jobs
·       End Costly Outsourcing of Employment and Labor Issues to Lawyers
·       Stop the Flood of Lawsuits Needlessly Draining County Resources
  ·       Implement Office-Wide Training Initiatives to Prevent Future Lawsuits
·       Make Official Decisions that are Supported by the Law – Every Time
Harrison Will    Restore Public Confidence
·       Fulfill the Duties of Sheriff in an Honest, Impartial, and Lawful Manner
·       Bring Professional Legal Ethics to the Office of McHenry County Sheriff
·       Establish an Administration of Transparency and Fiscal Accountability
·       Remove Cronyism and Corruptive Influences from the Sheriff’s Office
·       Protect the Constitutional & Legal Rights of McHenry County Residents
Harrison Will   Provide Fair Treatment and Equal Opportunity
·       Run the Sheriff’s Office Independent of Political and Special Interests
·       Restore Discipline & Order • Improve Morale • Return Honor & Integrity
·       Design a Fair, Effective, and Responsible Internal Investigation System
·       Reward Knowledge, Skill, Ability, Experience, Conduct, and Judgment
·       Provide Equal Opportunity to Applicants, Employees, and Contractors

Harrison Will    Make Public Service the Top Priority
·       Top Priority • Serve and Protect All of the People in McHenry County
·       Top Priority • Enforce the Safety of County Highways and Waterways
·       Top Priority • Maintain the Security of the Adult Corrections Facility
·       Top Priority • Protect the Judiciary • Serve & Enforce Judicial Orders
·       Top Priority • Maintain the Security of the County Government Center
·       Top Priority • Safeguard our Children and Teachers in our Schools

Lifetime Resident • 120 Year Family History in McHenry County
20 Years of Public Service • 22 Years of Private Business
Volunteer • Donate • Display a Sign • Vote

Send Your Donation To
Post Office Box 10 • Ringwood • IL • 60072
Paid For By “Citizens to Elect James T. (Jim) Harrison Sheriff of McHenry County”

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Hoppy said...

I don't know sounds like Harrison basically copied Prim's platform verbatim...