Sunday, November 18, 2012

The paper sez ... about Workforce Network

Did you know there is a McHenry County agency that provides

career advising
résumé and job search seminars
mock interviews
résumé critiques
networking and support groups
internships/work experience
on-the-job-training opportunities and
grant funded vocational training

That list is according to a press release provided to the Northwest Herald by the McHenry County Workforce Network.

I found one figure amazing - that more than 250 residents found employment that " ... returned an estimated $7,502,730 in annual wages to the local economy." That's an average of $30,000 annual income per resident who found employment through Workforce Network assistance.

Is that assuming that those residents would work (or did work) a full year at their new jobs? No turnover? No one laid off or fired? No downsizing after the hires? What kind of jobs were filled?

The wording in the news article from the press release is that the newly-found employment returned ... estimated annual wages. Past tense; i.e., paid wages. Why do I wonder if that is correct?

Want to give Workforce Network a shot? Contact it at or go to 500 Russel Court, Woodstock.

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