Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Where IS the sheriff?

In the November 2010 General Election, voters re-elected Keith Nygren to the office of Sheriff of McHenry County.

Guess he had to be in the office on December 1, 2010, to be re-sworn as sheriff. How many days has he worked since then, for his $12,000/month pay? (and benefits)

One of the first things he did was enjoy about 30 days away on a cruise through the Panama Canal.

And he hasn't owned real estate in McHenry County since December 2010, when he sold his Hebron home to an employee (who quickly became a former employee, when Nygren refused to move out and give possession to the new owner).

When Kurt Milliman was murdered in May 2011, there was hardly a peep out of Nygren. Or was there any peep at all? The first murder in 2011 in McHenry County and no leadership from Nygren.

In early June when Jack and Audrey Feldkamp and Doran Bloom were killed, Nygren, according to crime-scene logs, and Zinke spent only a few minutes at the Feldkamp house, and then Nygren held a press conference less than 24 hours later to announce, conclusively, what had happened (or so he thought).

And since June 2011? How many trips? How many days never anywhere near 2200 N. Seminary Ave., Woodstock? How many personal miles on the Tahoe? Besides the 1,200-mile pleasure trip to his Minocqua, Wisconsin home in December 2011? That was 1,200 pleasure miles on a County-owned vehicle to his Wisconsin house 300 miles outside of Illinois! How many $12,000 monthly checks received but not earned?

Where does Nygren really live? He seems to be registered to vote from a condo on St. Andrews Lane in Crystal Lake? Is that where he lives? Really? Kind of a small place, owned by someone else. Does he like paying rent? No income tax deduction for rent payments.

Some think his Illinois driver's license bears that same St. Andrews Lane address. Does he really live there? If that's his address but he's not there, where is he living?

If he doesn't, where does he live? He is required to be a resident of McHenry County to hold the office of Sheriff. Is he? How can he prove it? To whom does he have to prove it?

And if he is not a resident of McHenry County? Then he should be removed from office and sued for the return of all pay illegally received. And prosecuted for failing to change his address on his driver's license. And for voting illegally, if he declared St. Andrews Lane as his address when he voted in yesterday's election.


Ray said...

Why is it that all of your "lawsuits in you mind" or "I ought file a lawsuit" lawsuits all suffer from the same defect: lack of standing?

Gus said...

Glad you mentioned that, Ray. I might just have standing. I'm looking at my appointment as an officer of the McHenry County Circuit Court (Election Judge). Should I become aware of a possible violation of election laws, I'm pretty sure that I am obligated to report it.

Ray said...

Wow, it's stunning how you don't get the law. A duty to report a crime, and the ability to bring suit based on a violation of a statute or right, are two very different things.