Saturday, November 10, 2012

NIU Police Chief - how much???

I was going to pass on the story out of DeKalb about the police chief of the Northern Illinois University Police Department. That is, until today's story in the DeKalb Daily Chronicle that reported his pay.

$205,988. Can you believe that? Over two hundred thousand dollars annually for a campus police chief.

Sure hope the police chief at MCC isn't reading the Northwest Herald. Guess who will be asking for a raise?!!!

Chief Donald Grady is in hot water, along with Lt. Kartik Ramakrishnan, for allegedly withholding information about one of their officers who was accused of raping a student. Apparently, the officer had an sexual relationship with the student. Read the Daily Chronicle story, which will probably show up in the Shaw Media sister paper, the Northwest Herald.
Check out the photo of Grady, complete with his clip-on black tie. Does that look up a $205,000 cop? What could possibly make a university police chief worth $205,988? Is it any wonder the State of Illinois is broke?

Almost $4,000/week! And that's not counting vacation or benefits. Enough to make you sick, right?


The Usual Suspect said...

No comment on the pay as it does seem quite excessive, but clip on ties are required by most police uniform standards. It's a safety hazard having a regular tie. You might as well put a noose around your neck.

Ray said...

Actually Gus you are 400% right on this one. Take those extra percent and put them on the ones where you were wrong.

When your Chief of Police makes 200K you know that someone has falled asleep at the wheel.

Ms.Hillary said...

All cops regardless of rank wear clip on ties.It's so in a fight you don't get choked or horsecollared down to the ground. If what they did is true they should be in jail.Sounds like Nygren and Zinke,the end at all costs.

Gus said...

I agree about clip-on ties for street cops. In the photo he looks dressed for a photo op, and a "real" tie would be more appropriate.

Does Grady ever do any cop work, or is his a desk job?

Gus said...

Check out Grady's photo with the Chicago Tribune article. Wow! What's with all the battle ribbons? Is there one for each $2,000 of pay?,0,3546380.story

Big Daddy said...

This guy is a embarassment to law enforcement everwhere. Look at all those phoney medal/ribbons he wears. What could he have possibly done as a Chief of Police of some university to warrant such nonsense? The correct answer is nothing. At least not at NI. The reality is that he suffers from a bad case of the wannabes. And don't get me going on his salary. He is nothing more than a very highly paid security guard thanks to his friends in the State of Illinois.

The Usual Suspect said...

OK Big Daddy, To give the devil his due long before he was sought outvto lead NIU, Grady had extensive SWAT team training and was a Military advisor teaching police tactics all over the globe. He has advised governments and militaries in numerous war-torn countries.

Grady rescued trapped peacekeepers during a riot in the Balkans in the late '90s, when he led a 300-person United Nations peacekeeping force.

In Bosnia-Herzegovina, he played a central role in creating a police force composed of civil war foes --Muslims, Croats and Serbs. He helped set up police schools in Kosovo and the former Yugoslavia.

He spent most of 2007 in Iraq advising that country on building a new police force.

He became Wisconsin's first black police chief in 1989.

He was the Chief of Santa Fe New Mexico and was noted as being the one that cleaned up the corruption there. Hasted by the officers for his no gratuity policy. NOt even free coffee.

A few years ago he was highly applauded for his actions when the five students were killed on the NIU campus.

He may have done a stupid thing, but his life’s service speaks a different story. I think he most likely has done more and seen more than 90% of the cops working today.

Ray said...

I really don't care if he invented cold fusion, and provided free energy to the world .. if you are the Chief of Police at a third tier state university and your salary is north of 200K, somebody's been paid off.

The Usual Suspect said...

Oh I agree that his salary is WAY WAY WAY out of whack, but as I said, give the devil his due, he is not a lackey. He has some impeccable credentials. BTW would you turn down 200K? I know I wouldn't.

This ties into part of the problem with the Illinois State Pension system. No different than school supt's getting over 200K or driver ed teachers gettting 140K and then getting 6% bumps the last three years to boost the 75% retirement. Grady will get a proratia percent of his tenure in retirement.

Ray said...

Not turning down 200K, your right. I have always figured that Illinois will be taken over by adults at some point and all of this graft (pensions, salaries way too high, etc.) will be destroyed ... or better yet prosecuted.

Big Daddy said...

Sorry Usual Suspect, but I'm still not impressed. I find his "resume' just a little bit shady to say the least. Just like his ribbons. Factor that with having talked to some real Policemen that where there in NI that day and were, shall we say, less then complimentary about him when speaking of his actions that day, I'm sorry, I'm just not buying into it. And then there is the issue of him stating to the DeKalb and Illinois State Police that if they tried to enter "HIS" campus to help quell any unrest during some small riot there, I'm sorry, IMO he is nothing more than an egomaniac. As far as him being in Iraq, Bosnia or anywhere else teaching police tactics, I'm still not impressed. It means nothing. Some of the biggest dregs I know in police work did the same thing. And if he was so highly sought out for the job at NI, why hasn't he been so highly sought after for real jobs. I didn't hear his name when they were looking for a new Chief in Chicago, LA or NY.
I'll give the guy credit for one thing though. He has apparently bamboozled more than one person.