Friday, November 23, 2012

Front license plate - special place

Sometimes you just have to wonder how attentive the police are to license plates on cars in Illinois.

Illinois is a two-plate registration state. The State issues two license plates for cars. One of them is supposed to be fastened to the front bumper.

Look where this one is. Carefully tucked in tightly on the dashboard. Out-of-sight. Unreadable. This vehicle was in the McHenry County Government Center parking lot on November 9, parked near the east public entrance.

I found that drivers have various reasons for not displaying the front license plate.

Some feel it interferes with the aesthetic appearance of the front-end styling.
Some avoid the small cost of purchasing a bracket to mount on the front bumper.
Others don't want to drill holes in the front bumper.
Still others don't want their cars easily identified by PhotoRadar in Illinois reduced-speed work zones.
Some think Illinois should issue only one plate and so they will display only one.

What do you suppose this driver's reason (or excuse) is?


Big Daddy said...

I don't know what his excuse is but because you do not show the whole car I'm sure we are about to learn about a new scandal. This sweating of the small stuff is going to case you to have a heart attack.

Gus said...

Had there been front-end damage, I might have overlooked it - temporarily.

Didn't you hear? Sweating the small stuff prevents heart attacks. Pressure doesn't build up.

Anonymous said...

Why didnt you perform a citizen's arrest... since you were already at Castle Nygren? Go to any car dealer and they put thier branded plastic plate holder on for free. I know, I've rear-ended many with my rustbucket and broke the plate off. DOH!