Sunday, November 4, 2012

Beth Bentley - gone 896 days

Beth Bentley has been missing 896 days. That's 128 weeks, since she is thought to have vanished on Sunday May 23, 2010, from Centralia, Ill.

The Woodstock Police apparently still consider this a missing-person case. In many missing persons' cases, the police regularly update the local community with their progress and ask for the community's help in find the person.

Why is that not happening in this case?

What is it going to take to develop new information and new leads in Beth's disappearance?

Who will begin talking?

Her friend, Jenn Wyatt?

Brothers Nathan and Ryan Ridge, whom Beth and Jenn are thought to have visited in Mt. Vernon, Ill. that week-end?

Beth's husband, Scott Bentley, for whom she was also the office manager of his law practice on Route 31 in McHenry?

Beth's adult sons?

Beth's brothers, including the one in Woodstock?

Beth's father, who lived in Harvard at the time of her disappearance?

How about some of Beth's friends - the "posse"? What would they know about her habits? Is their something they would not want revealed about their own habits? Could they be a reason for their silence?

Her former co-workers at the law office?

Beth was reported to be a "serial texter" by at least one friend. She played Farmville on Facebook - frequently (constantly), from the looks of her Facebook page shortly after her disappearance. Then "somebody" got into her Facebook account and deleted many postings and comments. (But not before they got copied.)

Do you know something that might help find Beth? Don't want to talk to the police? Afraid? They are people to whom you can talk safely. If you do have information that might be helpful, talk now. Will an "accident" silence you, forever? Talk now.

Note to the person who contacted me on October 21, Please re-contact me. Your information could be very useful.

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