Wednesday, January 5, 2011

MCSD's newest persona non grata

Who is the newest persona non grata at the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

Well, if your name gets mentioned too many times in a Federal Court hearing in Rockford, you have a good chance at being chosen. It may not be recognition you want, since it leads to being placed on administrative leave and probably on to termination efforts.

Read the newest posting on, where you'll learn that Deputy Scott Milliman was recognized by the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) for being one of the leading deputies to cite drivers for DUI.

It's too bad that some investigations and court cases can't be fast-tracked. I guess a judge (or Magistrate) could order matters to speed up, but then attorneys might complain.

I'm not even going to comment here about McHenry County courts. Somebody there ought to collect and throw out all the rubber stamps that read "Continue to ___/___/___". If I were a judge, each side would get two Continuances, and then a trial. And no deals after one week before the trial. If a deal didn't get made one week before trial date, then there would be a trial.


Justin said...

I followed your link and looked at the website provided. Besides some garbage and innuendo, I see little that makes a case against Nygren. Wow, Milliman has made 25 DUI arrest since 2001. That is less than 3 per year. A cop working the night shift for 9 years has only made 3 DUI arrests each year? Stevie Wonder could find more than three a year. I looked at the website and one Trooper had nearly 600 DUI arrests.

Also the other blogger seems to make a big deal of him being put on Administrative Leave. First off he is being paid and secondly, what other option is there. He accused his boss of being a mobster. Name me one job, where you can make allegations like that against your boss and keep working.

Chet said...

Why doesn't you blogger buddy list some deputies that have been on the MCSO only a few years. Less than 3 or 4 years and already have 50 and 75 DUI arrests. This doesn’t make Milliman such as stand out does it. In fact 15 years to make 25 is pretty dismal.

Dep. Erin Falb McHenry County Sheriff's Department 25
Dep. Christopher Jones McHenry County Sheriff's Department 25
Dep. Jeremy Burketta McHenry County Sheriff's Department 25
Dep. Andrew Thomas McHenry County Sheriff's Department 25
Dep. Scott Milliman McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Trevor Vogel McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Alan Sabol McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Eric Ellis McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Theresa Harper McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Michael Hart McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. David Hutton McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. William Henniger McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25
Dep. Khalia Satkiewicz McHenry County Sheriff's Office 25

Dep. Jason Novak McHenry County Sheriff's Department 50
Dep. Matthew Matusek McHenry County Sheriff's Office 50
Dep. Joann Kinter McHenry County Sheriff's Office 50
Dep. Jacob Keltner McHenry County Sheriff's Office 50
Dep. Daniel Patenaude McHenry County Sheriff's Office 50
Dep. Patrick Dillon McHenry County Sheriff's Office 50

Dep. Joshua Singer McHenry County Sheriff's Department 75
Dep. Alex Embry McHenry County Sheriff's Office 75
Dep. Michael Stadler McHenry County Sheriff's Office 75

UBeenHad said...

Chet, the story is about Deputy Milliman, not any others

It is not a time frame you incorrectly state as 15 years, it was nine

Deputy Milliman during part of this 9 year time frame, was off duty fighting cancer and having major surgery.

I hope you are not in investigations Chet and I hope you never get cancer.

IDOT stipulated the 'base line' for rewards, so call them.

Thanks for showing the other officers acheivements. We are proud of them as well.

However again, the story you refer to was about Deputy Milliman and how he overcame a life threatening illness to again, become an asset to his department and felo officers.

But Seriously said...

Before we praise the guy too much...If his story is to be believed then at very least he was a co-conspirator in some major crimes for years before apparently befriending Nygren's Democratic opponent and spilling the beans to them during the campaign, right? At least that is what I have read about his coming out with this information, right? So even if true it would be tough to praise a law enforcement officer who chose to only expose alleged crime in such circumstances.

UBeenHad said...

But Seriously. I agree with you 100 percent.

To that exact point, I believe, based on what I was told, so dont hold me to it, but I am told a 'deal' was cut for immunity.

I can tell you that Deputy Milliman has not run from his past deeds that he states he did on behalf of Nygren.

But, I think after what he lived thru, I believe he wanted to try to make attrition.

Trust me, a cancer diagnosis and not a good prognosis has a way of making a person change.

I know it personally. And to be honest here, I need to go back in my own mind to those days I lay in alone with my thougths with tubes running in and out of my body.

And you know what, all I asked for from Sheriff Nygren was an apology and I would have let go of all this long ago.

Never got one or even a chance to visit about what all happened while I lived in one heck of a bad situation in Hebron.

Heck, people say and do things they don't mean out of anger.

Id like to believe this is what happened, but what I have heard first hand, goes way beyond that.

I also know what I saw with my own eyes "But Seriously." it was not good.

I think it would be nice, yet naive of me, to think we could all sit down and work it all out and life moves on.

Im afraid it is now to late.

So, yes, I do agree with you very much so. But, I do not believe Scott is Ill and telling fibs. And there are reasons why I know this is true.

But, we need to sit back and let this play out and I for one am going to do just that.

Sure, I write and ramble on, but in the end, if you knew me, you would find me to be a fair minded person who believes we all say and do things we wished we hadn't and that we can forgive.

I was, and am willing.

Chet said...

UBeenHad , aside from your other points about his and your cancer experiences, I must agree that the time was based upon 9 years, but let's give the benefit of the doubt here and say he was off 2 years with cancer. That kicks it down to 7 years and ups to 3.5 DUI arrest per year. That does not seem too great a record for a man of his purported experience.

Note a new deputy that I believe has only been there less than 4 or 5 years has already made 75.

I am not a police officer but it seems that between handling car accidents and normal patrol a full time patrol officer would be able to make more than 3.4 DUI arrest per year,

UBeenHad said...

Chet, points well taken.

Im not sure of the area that Deputy Milliman was assigned to. If he was stuck in McCullum Lake are or not. (Small detail area)

I see what you are saying, yes.

I think the point boils down to is Milliman a credible police officer or not.

The state set the standards for the award and by those standards, he achieved.

Im going to write an opinion on this whole mess tomorrow on my blog and I will be addressing this "Murder Plot" issue.

You might be surprised on my take.

Thank you and thanks to all the hard working, honest men and woman who put their lives on the line each and every day to honorably protect and serve our communities.