Sunday, January 23, 2011

35 weeks now - Beth Bentley missing

Is it still a Missing Person case, or is it time for the police to say "Foul play is likely"?

Beth Bentley, 41, has been missing since the third week of May. There seem to be plenty of "persons of interest", but the police have never named even one. That's the term police use, when they aren't ready to call someone a suspect and have to read him his rights.

Received an email from someone today using the sender name of I suspected immediately, of course, that this person is not associated with the CUE Center for Missing Persons, which is a national organization headquartered in North Carolina. Personally, I object to an individual's creating the appearance of an affiliation with an organization, when none likely exists.

That sender included a direction to the new "official" Beth Bentley blog, which now includes a plea for tips to be sent to it for forwarding to police. It is better for you to provide your tips directly to police. If you also want to inform search organizations, why not? But send tips directly to police first.

That "Linda" claims to be an "internet project manager/caseworker" and lists the website for the CUE Center below her title. This might cause recipients to believe she is affiliated with the CUE Center, but note that she does not directly so claim. If she were with the CUE Center, my guess is that she would have a CUE domain for her email address.


lookingforbeth said...

You have now stood up for the right thing. Lets see if this holds true after they try to wear you down. Called you a liar publically. See if you want to particpate in these games? You printed out what you thought. They are asking you to retract your statement and call yourself stupid because you questioned them. They are doing this because they really believe someone will send them answers or they are playing games. You noticed it didn't seem real to begin with lack of professional quality that wasn't there.....Lets see how strong you are to stand up for your idea's thoughts and feelings. This is one time Gus I usually am annoyed at half the stuff you print but I am proud of you for questioning it......

Gus said...

Yes, I was asked to retract what I wrote. By whom doesn't matter. Before I read your supportive comment, I had already replied that I would stand by what I wrote.

Thanks for your comment and your support.

iwannaknow said...

Gus, Gus, Gus...
I agree with you about questioning things. However, once you know the truth, shouldnt that matter more? This person is obviously a Cue volunteer/employee. And I think you wont retract your blog because someone asked you to and well.. I think you may be a little hard headed. :) Is it too much to ask for you to admit that linda4cuecenter is who she said she was?

I appreciate every article you write about Beth Bentley. And I hope you do the right thing... your support of Cue Center is the right thing to do. I think they are letting people know that calling in tips to Cue is an option should you feel uncomfortable contacting LE for any reason. Any tip called in is still sent to LE. Blog on Gus. But gosh, support the good guys, they need all the help we can give them.

iwannaknow said...

Looking for beth...

For real? "They" asked Gus to call himself stupid and called him a liar???? Where?

"They" questioned if the "perp" could be among the fb members. Its a possibility, maybe even probable.

Then you accuse "They" of playing games and lacking professionalism. Wow. Just wow.

Paranoia will destroy ya. Keep up the good works Cue Center... Beth obviously needs someone professional searching for her. Bless you and all your volunteers/workers. Bless you too Gus, even when youre wrong. :)

Lizy39ish said...

Shame on this 'Gus' whoever he is! I happen to PERSONALLY know Linda and she is an amazingly, beautiful human being! Maybe 'Gus' shouldve contacted the CUE Center before he slammed this good woman? I will tell you that I have fought for my mom alone for 20years until I was blessed to meet CUE ! When NO ONE ELSE WAS THERE FOR MY FAMILY OR MY MISSING MOTHER, Linda, THE only "internet project manager/caseworker" FOR CUE CENTER FOR MISSING PERSONS WAS THERE! She and CUE have done sooo much for sooo many families of the missing! Mr. Gus -I do believe the only gentlemanly thing to do here is give this woman an apology! PUBLICLY !!!

Beth Profeta
Daughter of Mary Badaracco
Missing 26 years
An actual CUE case

Lizy39ish said...
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Gus said...

Ms. Profeta, thanks for taking the time to write.

If the email had closed with
Linda + last name
Internet Project Manager, Caseworker
CUE Center for Missing Persons

and if it had been sent from "", rather than from a handle at Yahoo! Mail, I would have considered it differently.

Suppose I started sending out email from "" ..., would you (incorrectly) assume that I was writing on behalf of the CUE Center?

Lizy39ish said...

Thank you, Gus! I suppose thats a partial apology- yes IF you had an email such as that, I would assume the same but here is the issue - Linda IS part of CUE - you are not, you slammed one of missing persons warriors!! This woman personally dedicates up to 10 hours a day to help bring the missing home, OUR missimg loved ones- we were strangers to this woman! Some days our cases completely interfere with her own life! Thats how passionate she is as well as every1 at CUE, Gus, Im just a daughter desperate to bring my moms remains home, desperate for justice after waiting 26 years- so, what do I know about blogging, I only know a hero when I see one! THATS EVERY1 @ CUE<3 Just saying,,, I do believe you should've researched more b4 posting your blog, not sure you can understand the ripple effect of hurt that your words caused!