Thursday, January 27, 2011

"shrugged" - I thank you

A comment to the online CAHMCO article in the Northwest Herald was submitted by "shrugged", who wrote at 4:21 p.m. today:
"From a Tea Party Supporter: What do you expect when people in counties refer to our federal tax dollars as 'government money'? Get rid of HUD - problem solved! Uneducated voters keep voting in the same people because none of you complainers other than Gus have the gumption to run for office. Just how many School board offices have no candidates? Almost one third of the State Legislature in Illinois had no competition last year! Thanks to this fact, people who voted for Franks and the voters of Cook County we yet again have Madigan in charge of Springfield. "
No elected office should go uncontested. Now is not too early to set your sights on an office for the 2012 election. Start building your campaign plan and team now!
Who wants Jack Franks' chair? A seat on the County Board? To be a trustee of Dorr Township? To be on the Woodstock City Council? Or on the Board of the Woodstock Fire Rescue District? Or the Board of the Woodstock District 200 School District?
My thanks to "shrugged", whoever you are.

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