Sunday, November 21, 2010

Should Dorr Township Clerk report monthly?

Every month the elected officials of Dorr Township report at the monthly meeting. The Supervisor reports; the Assessor reports; the Highway Commissioner reports; the Trustees are there and their votes are recorded publicly. And the Clerk is there. Oh, did I say the Clerk doesn't report?

The Clerk doesn't report.

A few months ago I asked at a meeting for the Clerk to report monthly on what he has done. The Township Clerk has certain official duties. Has he performed them? Is there a reason he doesn't report?

I've been wondering who is writing the Minutes of monthly meetings now. There was a remarkable improvement in them, after several residents commented at meetings about numerous errors. Is someone else getting paid to write them?

Was Township Attorney Mark Saladin's appointment as Woodstock City Councilman a total surprise to the world on Tuesday night? Did the Supervisor and the Trustees have any inkling that Mark would be appointed. In the interest of transparency, if they did, then they should have said so at the meeting. As of tonight, nothing has appeared in the media about this appointment.

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