Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Eddie S. was great

The Woodstock Community Partnership Coalition (of School District 200) sponsored a program for parents tonight at Woodstock High School and present Eddie Slowikowski, a professional public speaker from Bolingbrook.

Eddie had spoken to students at Woodstock North High School and Woodstock High School earlier in the day, and tonight's program was geared mainly toward parents. Approximately 87 persons attended this evening, and thank goodness so many students came back to hear Eddie again. I estimated that there were about 60 students in the audience.

I'm not going to tell you what Eddie said. You could have been there. You should have been there. Your life would be different tomorrow, had you been in the audience tonight. If you would like to know what you missed, visit

The CPC hasn't found the right combination yet to entice parents to show up with their kids for the occasional evening programs of this type. The District is trying very hard to provide notice to parents and to invite them and encourage their attendance.

Why aren't the parents showing up?

Eddie, thanks for a great program. You were terrific!

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