Sunday, November 21, 2010

Beth Bentley missing 26 weeks now

It was on May 23 that Beth Bentley went missing from southern Illinois. That was 26 weeks ago - a full half-year.

The best brainstorming is coming from southern Illinois, where several people are still putting a lot of energy and time into reconstructing the timeline of her last sightings.

If there were a civilian command center somewhere, with storyboards showing leads, chases, follow-ups, false tips, misleading comments, misdirection, deceit, plain ol' lies and who is putting them out, then maybe Beth would have been found by now.

She wasn't picked up by little green men in a flying saucer. Someone or some people know what happened on May 22-23.

People have been talked about but have not talked directly for attribution. Some people now are cleaning up their Facebook pages or closing them completely, which causes posted comments to vanish. The silence of some of Beth's closest local friends is more than curious to many.

The longer she is missing, the harder it will be for anyone with knowledge to keep quiet. Be sure to report all tips, even suspicions, to the Woodstock Police Department at 815.338.2131

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