Friday, November 12, 2010

Saturday, 3PM - Jailbrakers' Bingo

Tomorrow the Jailbrakers' support group is conducting a fundraiser and Bingo at the Woodstock Moose Lodge. The fun starts at 3:00PM. Drop by to check out this group and give them some support.

The group was started as a grass-roots support group for friends and families of men and women in prison or jail. The idea is the brake the cycle (not break them out) of incarceration. If families are kept together, when the person is released after serving his sentence, then s/he will have a place to go and life begins to get back on track.

The Moose Lodge is located at 406 Clay Street, Woodstock. There is plenty of free street parking and also in the Metra parking lot.

For information, write to

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