Sunday, October 12, 2014

You be da judge

Do politicians get favors in court? I can't answer; can you?

In 2005 Tina Hill got a ticket in Woodstock for illegal stopping, standing, parking (625 ILCS 1303), and there is an interesting court record in Judge Chmiel's court.

1/25/05 Charged by Woodstock PD
2/8/05 $75.00 fine, court costs, fees (this is before McHenry County figured out how to really screw over drivers with excessive court costs and fees; now those costs and fees would probably come close to $200, on top of the $75 fine.)
3/4/05 Motion to vacate. (Who attempts to get a $75 fine thrown out?) The motion was vacated, then reinstated, with a Notice to report disposition. (?)

3/4/05 A $60.00 total fine, including court costs and fees, is shown in the court record. Plus one-day supervision. ONE WHOLE DAY. WHOOPIE.
3/4/05 Supervision was terminated.

Who gets ONE DAY of Supervision?

And was $60.00 the revised, lower fine, court costs and fees? Or was it added to the $75.00?

Tina was represented by the law firm of Gummerson Rausch Lee Wand et al.

Who gets the highest-priced law firm in Woodstock for a $75 ticket???

Two other tickets got her 100-days' supervisions and, in another case, no supervision.

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