Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Well-being check"? Oh, really!

Why is this serious incident being minimized by the McHenry County Sheriff's Department?

A "well-being check"? Anyone else believe that one?

Two people (family members?) escape from the house? Who called? What did callers tell the Sheriff's Department?

Isn't a well-being check when deputies go to the door of someone who might be ill and who hasn't been seen for some period of time? For example, when a relative or friend can't be reached and there is concern about the person's health?

Was this call-for-service that? Or was it different?

A good way to find out is for the Northwest Herald to request the Sheriff's Department's recording of the incoming call and the radio traffic (or computer records) of dispatching deputies to the address.Was it a 9-1-1 call?

It's no longer sufficient to take the word of the Sheriff or the Undersheriff about anything. Get the facts. More information surfaces every day about the times when they have withheld information or "shaded" it to their advantage.

Two deputies are injured, and the MCSD puts their mouthpiece (Dep. Aimee Knop) out in front of the microphones? Where is Nygren? Did he fly out yesterday after court? Where is Zinke?

Speaking of Nygren and court, be sure to read First Electric Newspaper a little later today for an interesting story about Nygren and yesterday's court and last Sunday's theft of a rifle from a vehicle of an MCSD corrections officer.

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