Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Stolen, vandalized election signs

Why do small-minded people vandalize or steal a candidate's election signs? Are they really so afraid that the candidate will win and the sky will fall?

I have heard from more than one candidate whose signs are disappearing from the highways and byways of McHenry County. Some candidates struggle to place them where laws allow; others just put them anywhere and everywhere, knowing (or at least believing) that no roads or highway department (State, County City, Township) will spend the money to remove them.

But there are small-minded people out there, tearing down 4x4 signs and removing the smaller signs.

Is there any correlation between the large number of signs for some candidates and the people who are tearing down others' signs?

If you drive by a sign and see someone furtively moving around the sign in the dark of night, call the nearest law enforcement agency. Try to get a license plate number of a car or truck nearby and be able to describe the person or people you see. These people are criminals. I would recommend against direct contact or involvement.

If you can watch from a safe distance and report the departure of the vandals, do that. Tell the cops which way they went. Follow at your own risk.

And remember to vote for the guy whose signs you don't see. That'll show the thieves who is boss.


JimboScumbag said...

Gus, maybe you should ask Harrison why he thinks he can put a sign where ever he sees a Prim sign. Most of the signs are on private property and are supporters of Prim. If Harrison puts his signs there they will be torn down.

Gus said...

Jimbo, if you have a question about anything that any candidate does, ask him yourself.

You might want to contact your lawyer about the laws pertaining to vandalizing or stealing anyone's campaign signs.

Only the property owner or his designee should remove unwanted campaign signs.

If you are not the property owner, I recommend you get the owner's notarized signature on a document authorizing you to remove signs from his property. The owner should state whose signs are to be removed.

If you don't do that, I suspect you risk being arrested and prosecuted.

JimboScumbag said...

What is the statute for taking a sign down. There is no damage or theft. Maybe Harrison should be charged with trespassing or illegal dumping.

Gus said...

Sign statutes vary by State, County, Township and Municipality. You might want to make a few calls.

Include the Illinois State Board of Elections, which might (and I say "might") be able to tell you about the Illinois statute pertaining to leaving signs up, if you are going to run in a future election.

When I heard about that law (2-3-4 years ago), I thought, "How stupid!" It seems to me that, if a candidate states he is going to run in a future election, he can leave his signs up.

Big Daddy said...

I'd like to catch the guy that stole my Bill Prim lawn signs!

Gus said...

Mount the paintgun on a tripod. Tie a string from the sign to the trigger, and sleep well.