Sunday, October 19, 2014

MCSD illegal entry quickly "old news"

What do McHenry County Sheriff's candidates Jim Harrison and Bill Prim have to say about the illegal entry by MCSD deputies into the Crystal Lake home of Pete Sonneville on October 6?

The homeowner had stopped by his residence for lunch and a shower. Somebody (a neighbor?) called the cops, and three deputies entered the house.

Fortunately, Sonneville had locked his bedroom door. (Who does that?) What would you have done, if you had heard voices in the hall and someone identifying himself as police. Called 9-1-1? Armed yourself before opening the door? Sonneville could have ended up dead in his own bedroom.

Steve Stanek wrote a Letter to the Editor that was published October 17 with the title "Reckless actions". It drew 26 comments.

So, what would Bill Prim say about the entry by the deputies?

Would his words mimic those of Sgt. Tadelman and Det. Popovits?

What would Harrison, who teaches Constitutional Law, say about that entry?

Voters should find out before November 4.

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Big Daddy said...

Didn't Barak Obama teach Constitutional law somewhere?